Working at One of Philadelphia’s Many Historical Sites

Working at one of the 67 historic sites in Philadelphia can be simple or difficult depending on what site you are working at. It can also be difficult to work at historical sites because of what season it is and what type of job you have or are assigned.

The job that you have can also affect where you live, especially if you are new to the area and are looking at Philadelphia houses for sale. You need to have an income that can keep up with your cost of living.

What Site?

The historical site that you might have a job at can affect how you work. The more important in history and relevancy the sculpture is, the more security and other staff are around.

More popular sites will have more tour guides, security, and even vendors/gift shops. Popular monuments will have more security to ensure that there is no-nonsense or recklessness from a rude tourist that doesn’t respect the rules.

Tour guides are important because they are the ones that break down each fact about the site that you are touring. Without them, how do they get information out to the tourists? The simple answer is that they don’t.

The tour guides usually know what they are talking about, because of their preexisting knowledge or the fact that they can learn information that will allow them to give that information to others.

Who can forget the vendor and gift shops that you will most likely see at any monument that you go to? There will always be gift shops where you can buy souvenirs to remember your experiences.

What Job You Have

As talked about before, every job at a site has its drawbacks and benefits. Each job is important to how the sites work and what the job pays.

Security guards have a lot of issues to deal with while they are on duty. They have days that will range from a boring day of just standing around and giving out directions to a tourist that is causing misconduct and will need to be escorted out of the area.

Tour guides have a pretty rough job themselves. They can have one hour a day or even 10 tours in a day. Those tours may take quite a few hours in total when you add them all up.

Vendors can sell out of everything and have days where they sell nothing. These jobs are always a mystery when the workers punch in every day.

The Season You Are In

The types of seasons that you are in will determine what it will be like and how busy it is when you are working at these historic sites. The weather can be a big factor in business.

The warmer seasons like spring and summer are the times when people want to go out and enjoy the fresh air. They would be more likely to go and see whatever monuments they prefer in warmer weather.

People don’t want to go out in the wintertime to see a historical site. They would rather stay inside and be warm.