Tips on how to use a Chronological and Reverse Chronological CV?

Are you searching for the job that best suits you? The first step is creating or updating your CV! It is the first communication tool for recruiters. But how can you highlight your diplomas and experiences when you know that recruiters devote between less than one minute the reading of each resume they receive? The organization of information must be as clear as possible to catch the eye and showcase your profile. For this purpose, you can just choose the right CV template online. But before that, you must define if you need the chronological or the reserve chronological format.

The Advantages of the Reverse Chronological CV

In general, recruiters prefer the reverse chronological order for the CV presentation. While it seems less logical in terms of time habits (we rarely go back in time, except in stories), this format has a considerable practical advantage for the employer because it saves time. For that, you can use this site to create a CV.

By first discovering the last professional experience, or the last training carried out, which are for them the most important and strategic elements, they thus avoid going down the whole list of the course. List which can sometimes be long depending on the candidate’s course. Because the recruiter will rarely spend more than 30 seconds reviewing your curriculum vitae.

Are you a student or a recent graduate? The training, also presented in ante-chronological mode, will of course be the first part to be placed on the resume; unless the position you are targeting requires at least a first experience that you already have.

Writing a Chronological CV: the Exceptions

It may happen in certain cases that the reverse chronological CV is not the most suitable to showcase your real potential. If your background is not the most homogeneous, and includes various professional experiences in different fields, for example. Or if you have reconverted during the course. In this case, the ideal is to present the resume by skills; but always by trying, for each skill, to list the experiences in reverse chronological order.

In any case, thinking logically will be a definite asset for your application. Always remember that a well-thought-out structure adapted to your background and the position to be filled will increase your chances of landing the job sought. Conversely, a messy resume will reflect the image of a person more disorganized than methodical and thorough!