How to Shape the Ideal Body Well

You need to know how to shape the ideal body well because the athletic body shape is a dream for some people especially teenagers who care about physical appearance. Many gyms or better known as gyms are targeted by teenagers to exercise or just to meet their friends. Although gym enthusiasts used to be adults, now many gyms in some cities have been crowded with teenagers who want to shape their bodies.

Men’s Ideal Body

Some of the motivations of someone who wants to form an ideal body are as follows:

  • Friendship. When someone is in the gym environment, of course, the person tries to blend in by following the gym.
  • Relationship. Part of men’s motivation to go to the gym because they want to attract the attention of the opposite sex
  • Pride. Self-pride motivation because having an athletic body adds confidence.
  • Cover the weakness because the body is less tall. For short people, the motivation of following the gym may be to increase their physical attractiveness.
  • and others.

The ideal way to form a body properly is to withstand the load. Holding weight can also be done by women because basically, women have fewer testosterone hormones compared to men. As it is known together that the high testosterone hormone will facilitate muscle development. So, for women, there is no need to fear that your body will become stocky and muscular like a man by carrying weights. Here are some weight-holding exercises:

1. Pulldown exercises

Pulldown can be done with a sitting position and an upright back. The hand holds the handlebar with the elbow pointing downwards. Move the handlebars up and down while breathing -when lowering the load and exhale when lifting weights. Pull down should be done 3 sets with 10 reps. For more information, you can visit this link:

2.push up with the ball

pushing can form the body, especially in the chest. Push-ups are done with the middle position and the body is straightened. The ball can be used as a backrest for the hand. It is recommended that push-ups be done as many as three sets with eight reps.

3. Lifting the barbell

To form an arm on your body, lifting the barbell is highly recommended to do so. The way to do this is to lift the barbell on the palm and close it to the center. Lift it to the chest, then lower it slowly. To lift the barbell, it is best to do three sets with one rep.

4. Overhead split squat

This way, you can shape your body, especially on the abdomen. The way to do this is to hold the dumbbell in both hands with the position above the head. Step your left leg one step further, lower your body, stand back, then lower your body again with different legs. Do this with three sets with ten reps.

5. Barbell lunger

The way to do this is to lift the barbell on both palms and position it around your neck. Move your left leg one step further, then bend it slightly then lower your body with the hind legs bending until the knee hits the floor. You must to take a breath when lowering your body and exhale when lifting the body. Do this for three sets with eight reps.

The above exercises need to be done by friends of Healthy Description as a way of shaping the ideal body well. Do the above carefully so that you avoid injury. Also, improve a healthy lifestyle by consuming a lot of protein and avoiding foods that contain fat, and do not smoke. To get the maximum proportional body shape, do all of the above exercises periodically.