How to celebrate a Christmas party in the office

If your organization is such that you will not be able to give your staff a break during the Christmas period, you should organize a Christmas party for them. Even if you are given them a break, chances are that a good number of them might still be around during the Christmas period. You can take advantage of this and invite those that will be available over for a Christmas party. This article will discuss how to celebrate a Christmas party in the office.

Choosing the time

The timing of the Christmas party is important, especially as you will want every staff to be in attendance. If you are going to be closing for the Christmas season, maybe a week before Christmas day, then you should fix the date at an earlier time. It could be the last day before the company closes for the year, a day before, or a day after. During those days, it will be expected that every staff will be able to plan to attend before they start traveling. Fixing the Christmas party a week before the closing date will also not be a bad idea. This is considering you might want the Christmas party on a Sunday so that it doesn’t affect work. Hence, it could be fixed on the last Sunday before the company will be closing. However, if your company is not closing for Christmas and most of the staff are expected to work throughout the holiday, then fixing the party very close to the Christmas period will be the best idea.

Planning the party

It will be important for some plan to be put in place in line with the Christmas party. For this purpose, a committee of volunteers or carefully selected staff could be given the responsibility to plan the party. They will have to fix the date for the party, list the activities attendees will be engaged in, search for how to organize Christmas gifts and prepare gifts as well as relate with other companies that might be involved in providing supplies for the party. This could include decoration companies, healthy food companies, and office cleaners among others. Hence, they will need to read online stores’ reviews to be able to find the best company for the organization.


It is important to properly pass across the invitations for the party to the employees and other people that might be invited to the party. You do not want a situation where some people will be left out by mistake or will not attend because they were not aware or not invited to the party. It is important to have a comprehensive list of everybody that is expected to be at the party and to properly invite them to the party.

Treatment of guests

If there is any time that ranks and positions should not be used, it is during the Christmas party. Apart from very high-ranking staff of the company such as the CEO and directors, most other employees should be accorded equal respect and treatment. With this, every staff, especially those at the lower cadre will feel happy, appreciated, respected, and received. They would easily be happy continuing to work with the company compared to if they are not well treated during the party.

Food and drinks

In most cases, it is always best to have a wide variety of food during a Christmas party at the office. You should have healthy food types as well as other types of popular foods that are loved in the area where your office is located. Making available only one type of food will mean that those who do not like that food type might not be able to enjoy your event as they could have.