Fake Urine: Everything People Needs to Know

Yes, it is true, synthetic pee is an actual thing. In fact, the procedure of using a synthetic pee to pass a drug screening for cannabis seems to be very popular nowadays. When you are consuming cannabis on a regular basis, the last thing you want is to pass your own, contaminated urine when taking a drug screening.

But to tell you honestly, drug screening is not just an issue for regular marijuana smokers. Even people who only smoke occasionally, people who only smoke once or a secondhand cannabis user, these screenings can detect marijuana is present in your system, since the number will differ from person to person and it depends on the number of elements. But naturally, these screening methods will be more of a problem for regular weed smokers because there is a big chance that you will test positive.

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A lot of cannabis consumers are now using fake urine to pass a urine drug screen. But it is becoming harder and harder to pass these testing methods because laboratories and clinics who perform these kinds of analysis are starting to catch up on the practice.

In addition to more stringent administration which makes it a lot harder to use synthetic products like fake urine, clinics and laboratories are now starting to test for the presence of synthetic pee in your sample. It means that they have the capabilities to find out if you are using a synthetic product as a test sample or if the urine you use is from the human body or not.

The good news is that it is still possible to pass the test with flying colors using fake sample – you just need to know how to do it, the right way. That is why in this article, we will take a look at things you want to know about synthetic urine.

What is fake pee?

So, let us start with the most basic part of this topic, what is fake urine? It is more commonly known as synthetic pee; people also call it laboratory urine. It’s a substance made to mimic the chemical properties, appearance, and the human urine composition.

All of the natural pee components can be found in fake urine. It includes creatinine, urea, uric acid, sulfates and ammonia. Even its pH level, as well as specific gravity in synthetic and real human pee, are almost the same. This product is available in different forms. It includes pre-mixed and dried powder solutions. Both types will expire over time if they are not used. That is why you need to replace any kits that are not used or lying around for a while.


So, what is this product made of? Basically, it is a liquid that has been designed to form a urine-like compound that can help users pass the screening with flying colors. Here are the main components that needs to be considered.

Creatinine – The designers include minimal solutions in synthetic pee for it to be like it came out straight from your body like the real one. It is because minimum creatinine levels cannot be a huge factor to make a positive test result.

Temperature – Designers of the product first check the temperature of both synthetic and real samples, and add necessary chemicals for the synthetic sample to appear real.

pH Level – It is measured from the original sample; specific fake pee components are diluted to make the product look real. It is then tested, checked and improved within the product.

There is no doubt that fake pee is the most effective and fastest way to pass a screening test with flying colors. But there are skills and risks involved when using this product. It is because you need to smuggle the product into the test center or swap the sample with the real one.

How to choose the best product to pass a drug screening with flying screening?

If you’re concerned about passing the screening using a synthetic pee, we understand what you are feeling. A lot of these products don’t work or unreliable, and some of them can be detected in a stringent test. Others just do not work at all. That’s why it is imperative to choose the right product and brand that you know is legitimate.

The market is saturated with different kinds of fake sample, and it is very difficult to decide which one works best or the ideal product for you. Listed below are some things you need to consider when choosing for your best option.

Uric acid – Because the real one contains uric acid, a lot of laboratory and clinics that are conducting drug screening, will test for the presence of uric acid when doing the test. That is why it is essential that you make sure that you choose a product that contains uric acid when you buy a synthetic pee. You always need to check the back label of the product that you purchase.

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Trusted dealer – The increase in demands for a fake urine has caused a dramatic rise in counterfeit or fake products. Always do your due diligence and research everything. Do not fall into the fraudulent dealers’ trap. You should always buy the best and do not be afraid to spend extra dollars for a legitimate product (usually, they cost more compared to counterfeit ones).

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, it is good to know that there’s a better solution to this dreaded drug screening than just the good old “do not use drugs” method. In the United States workplace and any other environments all over the world, mandated drug screening is a common occurrence. While there are different ways you can do to pass it with flying colors like detoxification or drinking plenty water and doing regular exercise, fake urine is considered as the most effective and reliable way to pass.