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The 22-year-old life-simulation online game has developed into a world where players can farm, forage, cook dinner and be taught in regards to the some ways individuals expertise meals. Thermostats like Nest go a long way toward helping you employ less vitality, but the actual problem-solvers are people. A California start-up company believes it may possibly one day velocity supply of necessary gadgets by storing them in orbit.

Microsoft’s David Weston tweeted that admins could configure Windows Defender Application Control insurance policies to restrict which Nvidia drivers may be loaded. A robotic arm developed by researchers at the U.K.’s Imperial College London can transfer in all instructions, guided by customers wearing augmented actuality goggles. The robotic’s flexibility is enabled by layers of mylar sheets that slide over one another and lock into place. The system allows users wearing sensible glasses and using motion-tracking cameras to configure the robot by viewing …