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Pure gold or 24k gold is a soft, orange-yellow metal which is highly durable and easy to work with. It is almost impossible to maintain jewellery out of it because it is too delicate and soft. In Hong Kong where 24k jewellery is made as a result the jewellery is often damaged or crushed. This then leads to many Chinese cashing in their damaged 24k jewellery to a local gold buyers for cash or even to exchange for solid gold bullion bars.

Australian or European jewellery is always alloyed down to give it strength, this means that jewelers combine pure 24k gold with other metals such as silver and copper to obtain the necessary karat. Whilst It’s value is determined by the amount of gold inside the jewellery it makes the jewellery more durable and practical preventing damage while wearing it.

There are two types of hallmark systems in

Earning additional money is something that everyone likes as it obviously acts as an extra source of income besides the regular income. If you are also one of them who loves to earn and spend such money but have no idea how to do so, let me tell you that the trading world is something which you are looking for. This is also because of the fact that the trading world is not limited to particular boundaries and is way wider than what many people think. The world of trading has ample of options for investors to earn money however; one thing that they must realise is that it is not that easy.

To earn a good amount of money, one will need various strategies which will eventually lead you to success.  Something that you can prefer is algo trading as manual trading is no longer in trend due to …