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Fake Urine: Everything People Needs to Know

Yes, it is true, synthetic pee is an actual thing. In fact, the procedure of using a synthetic pee to pass a drug screening for cannabis seems to be very popular nowadays. When you are consuming cannabis on a regular basis, the last thing you want is to pass your own, contaminated urine when taking a drug screening.

But to tell you honestly, drug screening is not just an issue for regular marijuana smokers. Even people who only smoke occasionally, people who only smoke once or a secondhand cannabis user, these screenings can detect marijuana is present in your system, since the number will differ from person to person and it depends on the number of elements. But naturally, these screening methods will be more of a problem for regular weed smokers because there is a big chance that you will test positive.

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A lot of cannabis consumers are now using fake urine to pass a urine drug screen. But it is becoming harder and harder to pass these testing methods because laboratories and clinics who perform these kinds of analysis are starting to catch up on the practice.

In addition to more stringent administration which makes it a lot harder to use synthetic products like fake urine, clinics and laboratories are now starting to test for the presence of synthetic pee in your sample. It means that they have the capabilities to find out if you are using a synthetic product as a test sample or if the urine you use is from the human body or not.

The good news is that it is still possible to pass the test with flying colors using fake sample – you just need to know how to do it, the right way. That is why in this article, we will take a look at things you want to know about synthetic urine.

What is fake pee?

So, let us start with the most basic part of this topic, what is fake urine? It is more commonly known as synthetic pee; people also call it laboratory urine. It’s a substance made to mimic the chemical properties, appearance, and the human urine composition.

All of the natural pee components can be found in fake urine. It includes creatinine, urea, uric acid, sulfates and ammonia. Even its pH level, as well as specific gravity in synthetic and real human pee, are almost the same. This product is available in different forms. It includes pre-mixed and dried powder solutions. Both types will expire over time if they are not used. That is why you need to replace any kits that are not used or lying around for a while.


So, what is this product made of? Basically, it is a liquid that has been designed to form a urine-like compound that can help users pass the screening with flying colors. Here are the main components that needs to be considered.

Creatinine – …

Six Ways to Choose the Best School for Children

Schools have 2 main objectives, namely a place for children to learn and gain knowledge, as well as a place for children to interact socially with others. These 2 reasons are important points for parents to be selective in choosing a school for children.

Here are a few things parents need to consider choosing the right school. Also, read “American International School Bangkok”.

Applied Learning Methods

The method of learning in each school is certainly different. Before you choose a school for children, you must pay attention to the learning methods applied by the school. Be sure to know in detail about the learning method applied, so that it can adjust to the needs of children. Like children’s learning hours, is it too crowded like school hours too early to too late so the child will feel burdened.

School Conditions and Environment

Before choosing a school, you first need to pay attention to a comfortable and safe school environment. Regarding the cleanliness of the school environment and facilities must also be considered. It will not only affect the quality of children’s learning but also affect health.

Ability of Teachers

The best schools will certainly have qualified teaching staff. Not only in teaching but must have the ability to communicate and socialize. It must be observed because it can determine the quality of children’s learning later.

School Reputation

School reputation is also very important for you to make as consideration. After all, parents do not want to send their children to schools that do not have a good reputation.

Compliance with the nature of the child

Parents are required to know the character and nature of children and school. Do not let the type of school that is contrary to the nature of the child. Because it can affect children’s interest in learning. For example, schools that may not fully support children’s sports activities.

The study hours applied must also be observed from the beginning, so parents can adjust to the conditions and interests.… Read More...


Teamwork may be more easily formed when all team members work in the same office, or at least they are in locations that are not far from each other. However, what if we work remotely and still have to interact and collaborate with other team members, where they are also far from each other? Can we create solid teamwork with this condition? To create a solid and the best teamwork, you can make it happen by visiting

Working remotely is a work activity that does not require him to complete work obligations in the office because people who work remotely can choose the place that they want to complete their work. In other words, working remotely does not mean working as usual, where an employee must sit in front of his laptop or PC from 9 am to 5 pm. In short, we work remotely. Types of remote work can also vary. For example, web developers, programmers, content writers, and many more. Remote jobs have convinced us that the office is not the only ideal place to work. However, all the places we feel safe and comfortable can also be used as a place to work.

There are 4 ways that we can apply in building strong teamwork for teams that work remotely, namely as follows:

Determine Clear Remote Goals, Expectations, and Workflows

The first way we can do in forming strong teamwork among remote workers is to set clear goals, expectations, and workflows. It is intended that the communication that exists between them has a clear direction of communication. Also serves to minimize miscommunication or misunderstanding between remote team members. Every remote employee must know and understand when they need to make time to be able to discuss together when they have to convey ideas, and so on. By setting the right communication time, we are actually gathering remote team members to work together and form strong teamwork.

Another thing that needs to be done is to document all the workflows very well. Do not have to work far apart, then the work documentation is also not neatly arranged. As a result, misunderstanding and mutual blame will occur among remote employees. Documented workflows also make it easier for companies or leaders to review the performance of their remote employees.

Make the Most of Technology Development

Technology can make it easier for remote workers to keep sitting in their places and use technology to discuss with each other. This is why technology is a tool that really allows us to work remotely.

Maintaining good communication between remote employees is very important and technology can be the right intermediary in this regard. To build strong teamwork, we need to adjust the schedule and set a time where we will hold work meetings via video conferencing, or other forms of communication that feel necessary to do.

Intertwined communication is not just formal communication. Informal communication can also be carried out by remote members. For example, exchanging greetings on Facebook or … Read More...

Marketing Smart With Chatbots – How it Improves Customer Satisfaction

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If you are going to observe how entrepreneurs manage their business in various niches, then you can see that the conventional way of marketing has changed a lot. First, when it comes to the marketing strategies, you will find people giving pamphlets and posters in public and crowded places like supermarket, shopping centers and entertainment spots. While those with more budget can afford to pay ads for television, radio and magazines. In fact, these methods are still used today. However, entrepreneurs have learned the advanced way of promoting their products as well as to enhance customer service.

The use of chatbot is now possible through the help of various Smart Bot Marketers. They are marketing specialists, who are experts in the field of automated platforms and strategies that would be very helpful in expanding your business and growing your sales. If this is the goal of every marketer in town, then every consumer will be very much aware about their products. These experts will not only focus on how they can improve an entrepreneur’s engagement with the potential customers. They can do more than that because they would like you to advance as well.

Anyway, most marketers are only focusing on promoting the products. But giving information and all the details that a viewer need to know won’t be enough. This will be treated and seen like spoon feeding. You should know that your potential buyers are not checking your items to study. They prefer an interaction because when they are interested to buy, they will not hesitate to ask. Luckily, this is possible through a chatbot. You are absolutely aware that competition is tough in this industry, right? Therefore, consider this smart application to help you improve customer satisfaction in various ways.

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Chatbot and Live Chats

Hiring people to wait for inquiries 24/7 would be tough for new businesses. Most of the time, communication with a human being is achieved during the day. Sometimes, queries are thrown at night without giving an immediate reply. Actually, this is one of a few dissatisfactions that everybody had been experiencing up to now. This is also the same thing that digital marketers would like to eliminate that’s why they created chatbots – click here and learn how to use bots in Facebook Messenger.

Through this live chat, a customer, who will send a message will receive an automated response from the computerized answering machine. If you can only try chatting with them, you will feel like you are just chatting with a human being. They are smart enough to know how to send replies. I guess, our IT experts just did the right thing boost the experiences of various online viewers and guests, who finds your products interesting.

By the way, you should know that using bots will give you 24/7 customer service availability. Remember that bots are machines and most of all, it doesn’t get tired. Therefore, it will be fine to allow this system to be activated anytime. This … Read More...

Contractor SEO: Tips for Creating Good SEO Content

In 2019, Search Engine Optimization content will be all about the consumer, the audience. If you are looking to improve your content marketing and see a real Return on Investment, you need to use techniques that will benefit them. Contents that are highly ranked and drive a lot of leads or traffic is always user-focused.

That is why today’s tips for Search Engine Optimization content in 2019 points back to the readers, also known as the people you need to understand and remember to get them right. Because if you target the right people, the right way, your content or your articles will see a dramatic increase in traffic or visitors.

Keys to creating the best Search Engine Optimization

Listed below are some tips that can help you create the best (most-shared, most valued and most-read) contents this 2019.

Make your content focused on the right people using targeted keywords

The SEO content that you are making will not reach the right target market if you fail to optimize the contents using a targeted keyword or keyword phrases. What do you mean a target keyword? These are keywords or phrases that your target market is regularly and actively searching. To find these words or phrases, you need first to understand:

Who your target market is?

What kind of data or information they need?

Why the target market needs that information?

Which key phrases or words they are actively using to find this information

Audience research – identify the kind of market you think needs or wants the products and services that you are offering. You then go and find out where they usually hang out on the internet. Forum sites, social media pages or websites like are often the best places to start.

Talk with the people, survey to have a closer look at what they want and do not want. Find out about their preferences, personal habits, stats and demographics.

Keyword research – Find profitable and relevant keywords or key phrases that related to the brand that you are trying to sell, products or services that you are offering, as well as your target market’s search intent.

Topic research – you need to come up with the content topics that are based on target keywords that you discovered what your market wants to know and learn.

Focus on the readability

Search Engine Optimization contents that go to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages has a lot of things going for it, including some of these significant features:

It is incredibly readable – when your target market clicks on the link, every element on that page, makes them want to stay on the page and read the entire content. When they visit and enjoy the materials they are reading, it will make your website look great for search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

It will tell search engines that your page is relevant to every search query. It will tell them that the visitors found the … Read More...

Polite & Appropriate, these 6 Ethics Dress to Attend Funeral Events

Death is one thing that will be faced by all living creatures, including humans. When we are in an atmosphere of mourning, surely, we must still respect the moment and the family left behind. If you need a funeral service provider for appropriate atmosphere for relatives and friends, you can contact the funeral parlour Sydney.

One of them is by wearing a polite and appropriate dressing. Therefore, here are six ethics of dressing to attend a funeral to remain polite and appropriate!

  1. Wear black clothes

From ancient times, the color black is usually synonymous with funerals. The shade of black is indeed one of the most fitting colors used for a grieving atmosphere. In addition, avoid wearing clothes with bright colors like yellow, red, and blue because you can be considered impolite and disrespectful of the family left behind.

  • Polite and closed

Try to wear modest clothes and not be too open when attending a funeral. Choose clothes that are covered, neat, and also not too tight when worn. Avoid wearing clothes that can attract a lot of attention from other invited guests who come.

  • Use simple accessories

So that it doesn’t look too flashy, it’s better to try not to wear any jewelry or accessories when you want to visit a funeral home or funeral. However, if you still want to wear it, then wear simple jewelry and don’t look too crowded when worn.

  • Don’t wear sandals or open shoes

Choose footwear in the form of closed shoes with dark colors that match the clothes you wear. In addition, if you also want to attend the funeral, please choose footwear that is comfortable to use for moving a lot.

  • No need to wear thick makeup

Wearing heavy makeup or makeup while attending a grieving event doesn’t seem like the right thing to do. Avoid using makeup with striking colors. It is better to apply foundation and powder thinly, then apply blush on with a natural color, and nude lipstick so that the face is not too pale.

  • Always prepare a scarf in the bag

It never hurts for you to always prepare a scarf while attending a funeral, or even during a funeral procession. A scarf can be one useful thing that can protect you from the heat of the sun, or even cover a puffy face after crying.

There are six dress ethics that you should pay attention to when you attend a funeral. Apart from all that, you must still maintain politeness in attitude. For what you dress politely, but verbal and deed you cannot keep.… Read More...

10 Tourist Attractions in Phuket for Summer Vacation

Holidays to Phuket lately are already familiar among tourists both at home and abroad. Phuket itself is an island in the territory of Thailand. This destination is known for having amazing beaches. However, in addition to the beach, there are also many other tourist attractions that you can visit, such as culinary tours, places to stay, for the best place to stay in Phuket at an affordable price most tourists or domestic tourists choose Novotel Phuket, as a place to stay, in addition to affordable price facilities offered by Novotel is also complete. besides Phuket hotels, they are also famous for traditional markets, to shows that you won’t find them in your home country. What do you think about that? See the following article in full!

Hai Harn Beach

This first tourist spot in Phuket is perfect for those of you who want to take a vacation in search of calm while sitting casually enjoying the beauty of nature. Hai Harn Beach is a tourist attraction that has not been visited by too many tourists. However, that is the main attraction of this place. With a quiet and calm atmosphere makes you freer to relax while clear your mind here.

Patong Beach

Patong Beach is one of the most famous beaches and even one that is popular among tourists. This place is almost the same as Kuta Beach in Bali because there are many cafes and restaurants. This long beach offers clean white sand with light blue seawater. Just a suggestion, if you visit here try to see the sunset because you will surely be amazed by the beauty of the twilight sky combined with blue seawater.

Kata Beach

Not far from Patong Beach there is a beach which is also crowded with tourists, namely Kata Beach or Kata Beach. Although the atmosphere around this place is not as busy as Patong Beach, but the quiet atmosphere actually attracts tourists. White sand and light blue sea water also make us immediately want to swim. Uniquely, there are free Wi-Fi hotspots around the beach, so that tourists can still relax while exploring cyberspace. There are also street vendors who sell snacks to accompany your leisure time.

Phi-Phi Island

Who doesn’t know the world-famous tourist attractions in Phuket? The beauty of Phi-Phi Island is already heard in the ears of foreign tourists. This island is very famous and is the pride of the Thai people. The main attraction of this place is Maya Bay, a bay with turquoise colored water combined with clean white sandy beaches. In fact, Phi Phi Island was once used by veteran Hollywood actor Leonardo Di Caprio to shoot one of his films, entitled The Beach.

Karon View Point

A ViewPoint is a place where you can admire some parts of the island or certain places from a height. Well, one of the famous View Point in Phuket is Karon View Point. Because from this place you can see Karon Beach and Kata Beach from a height. … Read More...

Tour Packages to Phuket Thailand

At present, more and more tourist attractions in Thailand. The number of tourist attractions also creates opportunities for travel service providers to promote the services of their best companies. Now too many people are looking for Thailand Thailand Tour Packages.

Tour Packages to Phuket Thailand

To get travel services, potential tourists can directly visit the Travel service to get the package according to your wishes. This service also provides packages for Asian, European, American and Australian tours.

By using this Thailand Thailand tour package service, tourists will get many guarantees such as 4 star hotel Bangkok, food menu for tourists, many interesting and interesting attractions. This tour service also provides competitive package prices, there will be no additional costs beyond the package fees set by the service provider.

Prospective tourists who want to go on a tour to Phuket Thailand can directly order it. Thailand is not inferior to other countries that have many tourist attractions everywhere.

Tourist Locations in Thailand Phuket Tour Packages

Tourist attractions in Thailand and Phuket are quite a lot, besides that in this place there are many beautiful tourist attractions such as beaches and other places and suitable for a vacation such as:

  • Patong Beach
  • Bangla Road
  • Kata Beach
  • Karon View Points
  • What Chalong
  • Great Buddha
  • Promthep Cape
  • Old Town Phuket
  • Phuket Weekend Market
  • Phi-phi Island
  • Two Heroes Monument
  • Hai Harn Beach / Nai Harn
  • Kamala Hat
  • Hat Nai Harn
  • Hat Surin
  • Koh Racha
  • Two Heroes Monument
  • Phuket Thai Hua Museum

Package Tour Thailand Patong Beach Phuket

Patong Beach is the most famous beach among all tourists. In Indonesia, this beach is almost the same as Kuta beach in Bali, which has a very long size & across the beach has many cafes and restaurants.

Bangla Road

Bangla Road is an area that is still close to the Patong Beach area. Bar obtained by Bangla Road, a nightclub and served to tourists. As for its natural attractions, this place is famous for its ladyboys.

It is offered to tourists of the Phuket Phuket tour package who will come to this place not to bring children because this is a place for adults.

Kata Beach

Kata Beach is also a beach, but this beach is quieter than Patong Beach. Uniquely at this beach is available free WiFi that can be enjoyed as much as you want at the beach. Enough is recommended for potential tourists who will vacation in Thailand.

Kamala Hat

Hat Kamala or Kamala Beach is north of Patong beach. Kamala Beach has a calm beach atmosphere, a suitable place to relax and Kamala Beach is a place to stay for the Phuket Muslim community.

Hat Nai Harn

Hat Nai Harn is a very beautiful beach, nestled between grassy hills and a small island whose cleanliness is still very well maintained. This beach has very fine sand and the seawater is blue. Suitable for a vacation with my dear family.

Hat Surin

Turkish tour Eid Al Fitr 2018 Surin Beach is a beach … Read More...

6 Tips for Planning Your Special Event

Special events are important events for you to pay attention to such as birthdays, weddings, office parties and parties for other special occasions. Whenever you are planning your special event, it is important to know how to maximize the time and resources you have. The following tips are for planning your special event:

Hire an Event Planning Service at Pink Caviar

When you want a special event that suits your budget and causes you the minimum amount of stress, you should look at hiring event planner services from Pink Caviar Events. Pink Caviar is a full-service event management and decorative rental company that provides complete event planning, arrangement and coordination options for weddings, private events, and corporate functions. Pink Caviar also specialise in decorative rentals from chair covers and belts to centerpieces, backgrounds, and furniture hire.

For this service, it will help if you know the basics of your event requirements and your budget to ensure everything you need can be catered for. The event planning services team can coordinate with all parties involved in planning your event, such as the chef and catering staff, the entertainment and any security solutions needed. This will ensure that everyone who comes to your event can enjoy a memorable time for all the right reasons.

Get to know your budget

Your budget is the first thing to consider when planning your special event. Create a detailed budget for food, transportation, entertainment, reservations, and anything you want to include. You can find ideas about price estimates online or call to request detailed forecast information. Remember to always keep a reserve budget if things don’t go according to plan.

Order as early as possible

If you want to celebrate special events in the best and favourite places, then you have to book before the D-day, so you have to act fast to be sure. Once you know what you need, start making arrangements as soon as possible. This also applies to your event venue, your caterer and others you need to make your event run smoothly. Scheduling your event well before D-day will also reduce anxiety levels and you won’t have to worry about organizing in the last days.

Think about the possibility of staying overnight

If you are planning a trip out of town or an event that requires several days, make sure your guests have a place to stay. If you suddenly book, it will be feared that all hotel rooms are booked or fully booked. By ordering early, you can also take advantage of discounts because you are ordering in groups, so you can help reduce costs. For trips out of town, you also need to see the transportation plans that will be carried out. You can rent a private bus to pick up your guests for an event or contact a car rental company to make sure they can accommodate you and your guests.

Choose the Right Place

Choosing a place for your special event can feel like a very pleasant … Read More...

Why Should VIP Bodyguard Training Include a Theoretical Component?

Many of us have a picture of what a bodyguard should look like, and what they should be good at. Most of you are picturing a large man, with plenty of muscles and a natural inclination towards physical fitness. However, these features are not all that important in order to provide exceptional close protection services; this is why VIP protection training should also include a strong theoretical component.

What Theory is Relevant to VIP Protection?

There is some knowledge that bodyguards need that goes beyond the physical dimension, this theoretical knowhow will help them to provide quality close protection services that are not limited to physical attributes. Some theory that should be included in VIP bodyguard training includes:

  • Law and Power of Arrest
  • Personal Protocol and Etiquette
  • Project Management Skills
  • The Organisation of a Close Protection Team

How Would Theory Help Bodyguards to Provide Quality Services?

By learning the above-mentioned information, close protection agents will have the knowledge needed to provide quality services to clients that go beyond the physical. Agents will be able to manage themselves and their teams better, they will also be able to coordinate events and manage their team members’ time accordingly. The different types of skills acquired, such as emergency response training, will also supplement candidates with the knowledge and practice they need to handle any crisis or sticky situation.

Which VIP Bodyguard Training Courses Include Theory?

In order to determine whether the VIP bodyguard training you’re interested in offers the important theory that every aspiring close protection officer should learn, you should have a look at the course content. The course content of your chosen training academy will be able to show you whether you will be able to use what you have learnt in the course to become an industry professional. The various components of the course will also help you to load your CV with skills such as first aid training and advanced driving; and who wouldn’t want a full CV bound to get you hired as a VIP protection officer? … Read More...

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