5 Ways to Whiten Natural and Effective Teeth, Without Expensive Costs


Toothpaste alone cannot whiten

Apart from drinking caffeine, taking a number of medications can also make your teeth yellow. So it makes white teeth not enough with toothpaste.

Having white and clean teeth is everyone’s dream. White and clean teeth are considered to be able to increase self-confidence when dealing with other people.

Not a few people do various ways to get radiant white teeth. In fact, there are also those who pay expensive fees to the doctor to do teeth whitening.

Actually, whitening teeth can be done naturally without expensive costs. Whiten teeth with natural ingredients is certainly safer. However, you need to be patient because whitening your teeth naturally cannot be done instantly.

You have to do dental care with natural ingredients regularly, you can’t get it if you only do it once or twice. Caring for your teeth is also not enough to brush your teeth.

Here is how to whiten natural teeth without spending a fortune, as summarized from various sources

Causes of Yellow Teeth

But before knowing how, you need to know the cause of your teeth turning yellow. There are several habits that can cause teeth to change color and look dirty. The following are the causes of yellow teeth:

– The habit of drinking tea and coffee

– Lazy brushing teeth. Brushing your teeth should be done 2-3 times a day

– Too many sugary foods like candy

– Likes to drink alcohol

– Addicted to smoking

– Use of eye drops

– Likes to drink carbonated or supplemented drinks

– There is a history of certain diseases

How to Whiten Natural Teeth

1. Rub with Orange Peel

Orange peel is a solution for those of you who are less confident because of yellow teeth. So, you should not rush to remove the skin after eating citrus fruits.

Orange peels contain d-limonene, which can reduce the yellow color of teeth. You can rub the white inside of the orange peel. Rub it on your teeth for 2-3 minutes, then rinse or rinse your mouth with water. Do this method regularly twice a day for more effective results.

2. Rub with Banana Peel

Apart from orange peels, banana peels are also believed to be able to whiten yellowing teeth. There are still many people who do not think banana peels can whiten teeth naturally.

You only need to rub the inside of the banana peel on your teeth for one minute every day. A study has shown that by scrubbing banana peels for one week, your teeth will look whiter.

3. Lemon and lime juice

Lemon and lime have a strong sour taste. However, these two fruits are proven to be effective in whitening teeth naturally. In fact, many toothpaste products use lemon or lime juice.

These two types of oranges are effective in killing bacteria in the mouth, so that the teeth will look clean and radiant. Here’s how to use lime and lemon juice to whiten teeth:

Cut and squeeze one lemon or two limes

Enter the juice into one glass of warm water

Use it to gargle, not drink

Do this method three times a day so that the bacteria is completely lost

You can also add a teaspoon of salt to the lemon or lime juice

4. Strawberry Juice

Strawberries are one of the fruits that can whiten teeth naturally. You can consume it directly or process it into strawberry juice.

This red fruit contains vitamin C and malic acid which play an active role in eroding stains on teeth. Strawberries can also prevent canker sores, bleeding gums, and kill bacteria in the mouth.

5. Milk

Pure cow’s milk is known to be effective for healthy and whitening teeth. You can consume pure cow’s milk regularly to whiten your teeth to become radiant.

Milk is also a source of calcium which functions to maintain strong teeth. The phosphorus and magnesium content in milk can also help to whiten teeth naturally. To be more optimal, make sure you use oral and dental cleaning supplements, for more information, click here steel bite pro