Snacks are indeed not a staple food, but consumers are often sought after for just a casual snack or as a souvenir. So it is suitable as a business opportunity for those of you who want to open a food business. You can try to open this business. make sure you have determined the market first before you start your business, for more information please visit the official website here lcs2. Although it is cheap and only requires but fortunately it is very enjoyable, here is a reference in:

Fried Baso / Basreng

Fried meatballs or better known as basreng is a snack made from fried meatballs. But make no mistake, this one snack doesn’t need to be complicated to consume. Because there is no need to use sauce and chili sauce. This snack is indeed eaten dry and mixed. The way to make basreng is actually not difficult, only thinly sliced ‚Äč‚Äčikang meatballs, added with spices from a mixture of sugar, garlic and cooking oil. After the basreng, of course, to add to the deliciousness of adding more spices. Basreng usually tastes very spicy like seblak, but if you want to innovate, you can use other powdered seasonings such as cheese, barbeque, balado and sweet.


The next snack business is the toast business. You can run this business with a small amount of capital and can be done in various places, from making your own shop, selling in parks, near schools, or on the side of the road. To attract customers and potential customers, you can make innovations in toast products, for example by adding new toppings or by giving customers the freedom to order toast with toppings according to their taste.

Fruit Drinks

Many Indonesians like cold muniman types, especially when the weather is hot. Cold drinks have a wide target market, ranging from young children to adults, as well as men and women. This business is also one of the businesses with considerable prospects and profits. If you are interested in running this business, choose a suitable business location such as near a school or campus, or in a hot place. You can also sell a variety of cold drinks ranging from ice cream, fruit juices, bubble drinks, Thai tea, ice milk, pudding, and so on.


Like snacks in general, tasty spicy taste. It’s just that this one cracker is in the shape of a stem and is whiter than other snacks. How to make it by mixing tapioca flour with salt in a ratio of 2.5 to 1. The salt used is not fine salt but crystal salt so that the savory taste is more pervasive.

After the dough is mixed, the water is put in a little at a time and it is printed using a press. When it is printed, it will come out in an elongated shape like a noodle and then cut into small pieces to resemble a stick. Then the gurilem is dried in the sun to dry and fried in sand. After being cooked, just add the spices.


Even though it looks old school, it turns out that this business can be packaged into a modern business. Moreover, until now there are still many enthusiasts for chips, but not many sell this food. Chips are usually sought after by many consumers to accompany their activities such as watching soccer, studying, hanging out with friends, and so on. To attract consumers, you can sell various types of chips such as cassava chips, banana chips, potato chips, and don’t forget to provide a variety of flavors for each of the chips you sell.

Those are five snack business opportunities that you can take advantage of. By starting a culinary business, it means that you must also be ready to continue making innovations to develop your business. Business strategy is also very much needed in making innovation. For that, you must make the right strategy by looking at business financial reports.