Day: July 12, 2019

The Advantages of Suzuki GSX-R150 Motorbike

In addition to introducing the GSX-R150 during the Indonesia Motorcycle Show exhibition also released the GSX-S150. The two motors that were consecrated as ‘fightback’ Suzuki in the motorbike world did wear the same base, but were conditioned in two different variants. The GSX-R150 is formulated in a full fairing sport class and the GSX-S150 is prepared to fight in the naked bike competition.

Based on the percentage of online booking at the end of last year, apparently there are many Suzuki motorcycles for sale, and one of them is wheels Motor Cycles, the Suzuki GSX-S150 is much glimpsed by consumers. So what are the advantages of the Suzuki GSX-S150? Here we give the review.

Street style Sport

Although carrying the same family name, GSX, the 150 cc motorized sport variant has a different display theme. Yes, putting forward the style of street sport. This can be seen from the loss of full fairing and ‘racy’ themed handlebar components. Instead, it is subjected to large shroud water in the side area, the visor attached to the main light shell and wide handlebar plus the rear view mirror on each side.

Moving to the middle sector, the manufacturer implanted a protective cover under the engine that extends to the rear. Its function supports aerodynamic aspects and splashes of gravel or other material from the road surface. The seat is still wearing a double-layered and stern tapered model.

More compact dimensions

Side effects from the use of the ‘language’ design, apparently helped change the dimensions of the GSX-S150. As a result the visor that was integrated with the fairing was removed and had an impact on reducing the dimensions of the dimensions of 35 millimeters and the width of the body trimmed by 5 millimeters from the R150 version.

Don’t stop there. At the bottom, because the pinned cover engine makes the distance to the ground decreases 5 millimeters to 155 millimeters. Even so, the seat height is still ‘friendly’ for the driver because it survives at 785 millimeters and the body length remains 2 meters more 20 millimeters.

GSX-R150 Engine Block

Sharing a base between the GSX variants of 150 cc, too, applies to the mechanical devices. So there is no difference between the GSX-S150 engine and the full fairing version. So on paper, the specifications of this Suzuki naked motor carry a 1-cylinder configuration, DOHC, fuel injection, radiator cooled and are guided by a 6-speed manual transmission.

The resulting performance is in the form of a maximum power bounce of 19.17 PS and presents a 14 Nm torsion moment throw. Well, thanks to a different ‘robe’ design, then from the calculation of ‘weight to power ratio’, this motor is believed to be more fun. Because the GSX-S150 weight is 130 kilograms or lighter 1 kilogram than the R150 version. This means that the distribution of power per weight becomes greater so that the thrill sensation when accelerating is more pronounced.

Without Key-less Features

Looking at the naked bike segment …

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