10 Ways to Whiten Teeth Naturally, Quickly, and Permanently, Try it!

You have a cute smile but still not confident because of yellow teeth? Wow, what a shame. But, you don’t need to worry. Even if you have yellow teeth which is caused by several things such as frequent drinking of tea, drinking coffee, smoking, and so on.

1. Gargle With Salt Water

If this one, besides being very easy, it can also effectively whiten teeth naturally. Reporting from detik.com, salt contains antibacterial which can clean teeth from germs that cause yellow teeth and holes. You only need to routinely rinse your mouth with salt water every day for how to whiten your teeth naturally, quickly, and permanently.

2. Coconut Shell Charcoal Is Used As Toothpaste

Coconut shell charcoal can also be used as a powerful way to whiten teeth. Charcoal has alkaline properties which can help remove yellow stains on teeth. So, it will be very well used as a way to whiten teeth naturally, quickly, and permanently. You do this by preparing enough coconut shell charcoal. Then, mash and sift. Mix the lemon juice and mix well. After that, just use it as toothpaste and do it every day for satisfying results.

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3. Using Coconut Oil

If generally coconut oil is used for cooking ingredients, such as frying or sauteing, however, it turns out that coconut oil is also useful for other things, you know, Coconut oil can help whiten yellow teeth naturally and relatively quickly. Wow, interested in trying? The trick is to mix enough coconut oil and baking soda to make toothpaste. Brush your teeth with coconut oil and baking soda every day for whiter and cleaner teeth.

4. Gargling With Ginger Water

Which of you likes to eat rounds when it’s cold at night? Yes! That’s right, ronde is made from ingredients such as ginger which can make the body warmer. In addition, ginger also has other benefits, you know. That is, it can be a natural, fast, and permanent way to whiten teeth because it contains antibacterial properties which can remove stains on the teeth, so that the teeth will appear whiter. The trick is to rinse your mouth with ginger juice regularly. Try to use it every day so that your teeth are whiter and cleaner to the maximum.

5. Drink Milk

Milk is included in the 4 healthy 5 perfect. So, it is certain that milk has a very good content for body health. Calcium in milk can keep teeth strong. In addition, it turns out that milk can be a powerful way to whiten teeth because it contains phosphorus and magnesium. Therefore, drinking milk regularly can be a way to whiten teeth naturally, quickly, and permanently. Let’s drink milk every day!

6. Gargle With Lemon Water

This fruit that has a sour taste is often used for people who are on a diet program. However, it can also be used to treat oral and dental health, you know, the acid content in lemon can be useful for maintaining oral pH balance. One more thing, lemon can function as an antibacterial to prevent the formation of bacteria that cause yellow teeth. Waaah, how do you use it? You can rinse your mouth using warm water mixed with lemon juice regularly three times a day.

7. Brushing Teeth With Orange Peel

For those of you who like to eat citrus fruits, don’t throw the peel away just yet, OK! In fact, orange peel can be useful as a way to whiten teeth naturally, quickly and permanently. Not only for whitening, orange peel which contains pectin and essential oil substances can also maintain oral health. You need to dry the orange peels in the sun, then grind them until smooth and pour a little water. Mix it and use it to brush your teeth every day.

8. Using Betel Leaf

This one is also proven to be a way to whiten teeth naturally, quickly, and permanently, even since the time of our ancestors, you know, betel leaf is not only used to whiten teeth naturally, it can also make teeth stronger, stop bleeding gums, and remove bad breath. There are three ways you can do to whiten teeth using betel. The first is using traditional methods like our ancestors, namely chewing directly. Second, boil it first upstream then the water is used for rinsing. And the third, until smooth, then apply on the teeth.

9. Applying Apple Cider Vinegar to Teeth

Apple cider vinegar is known to be very beneficial for health. Therefore, there are many apple cider vinegar products on the market. Well, one very important benefit of apple cider vinegar is that it can whiten yellowing teeth. You can mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with a glass of water and rub it on your teeth using a cotton swab. Spread evenly to get a satisfying result.

10. Using Siwak

If this one, who doesn’t know? Since long time ago, siwak has been known as an effective way to whiten teeth traditionally. Perhaps this herbal medicine can be dubbed “old but gold” because it is proven to maintain oral and dental health, and has been used since the time of our ancestors. the way it works is that it can inhibit the growth of bacteria, erode plaque, prevent cavities in teeth, and whiten teeth. You do this by pounding the cleaned siwak stalks, then rubbing them on the teeth evenly. Besides that, you can also grind it together with water and use it as toothpaste. Amazing, isn’t it, the benefits of this siwak? Very effective to use as a way to whiten teeth naturally, quickly, and permanently. Hurry up and try it!