Besides Money, These 4 Things You Must Prepare When You Want to Hold a Wedding Party

We have to hold a party not only outside the house. You can, create a celebration angle in your own home. For that, there are some things we need to prepare.

1. Themes

First determine what kind of banquet is held, for example a birthday party or wedding party, if you want to hold a wedding party, you can rent a tent for a wedding in absolute party hire, with absolute party hire you can order marquee hire Sydney, and also make sure when the event will be held, in the afternoon between lunch and dinner, or at night. Determine what type of food is served, whether only snacks such as pastries or cakes. Or a full meal dinner.

What style of eating is chosen, whether it is a buffet that does not require a seating arrangement, or sitting with just a few tables and cutlery because it does not provide a full meal.

If the official evening program, you will need other equipment depending on the food served.

2. Table

Cover a large table with an attractive tablecloth, food must fit in the center of the table.

Place the plate in the center of the dining area.

If there are complete dishes, ideally a dinner plate with a diameter of 23-24 cm.

Choose the right table, it must be large enough to serve tea, cutlery and food.

If the table is not enough, get rid of the chairs and make a tea party buffet style with guests taking their own food.

Determine the position of the buffet style table, if you are worried about limited space, place the table against the wall.

If the room is sufficient, place the table so that guests can take food from the two sides of the table at once.

3. Food

If you have a tea party, prepare a tea dish at one end of the table.

It’s better if the tea leaves have been removed or with a filter so that guests don’t get tea leaves in their cups.

Provide sweet and savory food in the middle of the table.

Small sandwiches are the most common food served at tea parties.

Provide at least one tray or large plate of the same or various small savory foods.

In another table area, place a dish of sweet foods such as pastries, small cakes.

Can also use tear (level cake plate).

4. Decoration

Decorate the table to be bright and lively.

Flowers are a common decoration, but avoid flowers that are too fragrant that can interfere with or even make recurrent allergies.

Just spread the rose petals or place flowers without scents or soft scents in a small vase.

Make sure the decoration does not close access to take food or fill the table.

Decorate after and put food and drinks on the table so that we can adjust the space on the table.