Day: September 5, 2020

5 Culinary Business Ideas with Small Capital for Beginners

If there is one type of business that is always popular among the public, the culinary business is certainly the answer. Who doesn’t like a wide selection of food and drinks? Market demand for culinary seems endless. Starting from street food stalls, home-based eating places, catering services, franchise businesses, to luxury restaurants are easily found around us.

The culinary business is clearly able to survive and has a lasting appeal. Despite the mushrooming number, this business still has potential that can be maximized. Even so, in addition to intense business competition, it is not uncommon for business actors to be intimidated by the seemingly large and complicated needs for materials, equipment and capital.

Every business does have its own risks. Apart from that, the culinary business has many reasons and strong positive sides, so it is not surprising that the culinary business is a promising business field with the potential to attract many consumers. Before starting a business make sure you determine the market first LCS2 (Lead Conversion Squared) is a software designed for entrepreneurs who run online businesses and want to expand their digital marketing footprint, for more information please visit the official website here lcs2 review

So, what culinary businesses are both attractive and easy to run? For those of you who are developing or interested in starting your own culinary business, let’s take a look at the following Qasir recommendations!

Business Idea # 1: Beverage Business

Are you a fan of boba? Or maybe a fan of thai tea? There are so many variations of today’s drinks that can be found around us. Well, you can use your passion to start a beverage business. This beverage business requires a relatively small amount of capital. Enough with a budget of IDR 1,000,000.00 to IDR 1,000,000. IDR 2,000,000 as initial capital, you can run this business! To save on rental costs, you can start by selling in front of your house.

There are two strategic choices in realizing this business. First, you can run the business by buying a franchise with prepared materials and equipment. Second, you can run your own business, including by looking for tools and raw materials independently. If you choose the first method, you can start doing business much easier, but you need to comply with the rules and standards imposed by the franchisor. The second option may be more troublesome, but you can make decisions and variations in your business more freely. The decision is yours! Each strategy has consequences, so the most important thing is to choose the form of business that suits you personally best.

Business Idea # 2: Angkringan

This culinary business is quite popular in the Yogyakarta area, especially among students. Even so, this angkringan business is very adaptable outside Yogyakarta. How come? The price is friendly in the pockets of the customer making it a favorite place to hang out as well as have dinner.

Business Idea # 3: Small Coffee Shop

In recent years, coffee has become one …

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